Because the greatest part of a road trip is what happens along the way.

Over the weekend we tempted fate and headed north.

For the past few weeks many of our Arizona forests had been closed due to wildfires.  We crossed our fingers with hopes that both the crowds and the smoke would be minimal. 

Our destination was nowhere in particular, and instead a chance to get out of the Phoenix heat for a day. We traveled through the towns of Sunflower and Strawberry. Just the thought of that makes me smile again. Sunflower was once a mining town, now a ghost town. And Strawberry? A pleasant stop if you love country stores, and cafe/diners with the best strawberry pie.

Next, a sign at one of the only intersections in the town of Pine, directed us to Pine Creek Lavender Farm. What a surprise to learn it was harvest, and what a lovely place to call home.

The front patio suggests a place to ponder. And I wonder…who I might want to sit with on this bench, and hash over life? Honestly, I think I would try to squeeze in my mom and my four grandchildren.

And I think I would just listen.

I do admit, I spent a good portion of my time watching the bees living their best life.

Can you tell me… when was the last time you were oblivious to anything except euphoria?

And that’s when I stumbled across the perfect ride.

We felt like we had walked into a family gathering, and were welcomed with open arms. No one appeared to be working and instead taking time to enjoy the day together. In fact I wish I had taken a photo of the family dog. I think he was present for just for the extra love he received that day. Everyone else kept busy gathering lavender, and making bouquets and sachets for visitors.

The return trip took us through Tonto Bridge, near Payson, and the wild horses of the Salt River surprised us here. We have seen them before, and it doesn’t matter. There is something majestic to watching them, and seeing horses in the wild.

Destination …along the way is complete, and arrived home in time for an afternoon coffee and a swim.

Wind Kisses, Donna