I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful.

Harquahala Mountain is the highest mountain in southwest Arizona at 5600 feet. It’s summit is also a National Landmark. There are old mining camps along the way and an old observatory at the top. The views are stunning and it’s one of those places to hear quiet.

And while I usually look for wildflowers in April, no rain promised we will look forward to next season. Ironic to think Harquahala means running water. No doubt the landscape looked a little different to the Yavapai people.

A look in the distance shows the road on the side of the mountain. It ascends 4000′ over ten miles.

Today? Thank goodness for serendipity. Usually we are searching for the wildlife, and today the bighorn sheep found us.

Harquahala is certainly a great place to watch the sunrise…or set. Today it is the perfect spot for a picnic break and time to watch the day go by.

Wind Kisses, Donna