Adventure looks a little different for me this week. I have returned to my beloved New England with reflections of the past, present, and future.

I get here every few months. This time the motivation is a little different.

It’s a time for remembering. It’s a time for appreciating this life I live, and it’s a deep breath knowing, it’s my turn to lift those who unconditionally lift me, my parents.

First, it is a well deserved trip into the heart of Boston to enjoy the essence of Bostonian Culture.

USS Constitution. Dad had his retirement ceremony here, 36 years ago. It was a formal ceremony, and yet he found it important to share a second grandchild was on the way. My husband was not there, as he carried on the Navy tradition. He was deployed on a more modern boat of the time, a submarine. Seems like yesterday to me.

Next we trek to the coastal town of Scituate, where I spent many summers. Both my parents grew up here. We never lived here.

It was still home …

A short walk from my grandparents home took us to the beach.

And most important, are the reflections of this step into a new chapter. My parents, who have taken us four kids all over the world, will land in a senior living. It is beautiful and exactly where they need to be. There are gardens everywhere for mom, memories in place for dad, and I think they made a friend.

His name is “Dinner”.

And my wish, for them, is the same they have wished for me, my whole life.

Live life, live it well, and always remember what is important to you. It will guide you every single time.

Wind kisses, Donna