A desert is a place without expectation.

Thank goodness.


One day, last week, I woke up in a funk. It happens to all of us, and for me the best thing thing I can do for an attitude adjustment is to get outside. So…a 26-mike bike ride, and a ramble through the desert served me well, as it will…Every. Single.Time.


Be reminded.

There are people who would love to have your bad days.

Here is mine.

First stop wasn’t a stop at all. I discovered the coyote pup, who found respite under a tree in our yard, has returned. I said I would name her, if she returned. Today was that day. I named her Faith. She appears gentle and yet guarded, which is a good thing. If she crosses into my patio she won’t be quite so welcome.

For now, she is working hard on getting used to us. Have faith…

Following my bike ride we rode out to Lake Pleasant, where there is always a welcoming committee.

And today they introduced us to their babies.

But like so many journeys, it is the people you meet along the way that make life…entertaining.

People? Not always. This butterfly bush was covered with yellow butterflies, and seemed to be an oasis for them following the recent rains. The bees were invited to the party too.

Do you think they even knew what they were missing?

Does it matter?

The view from Yavapai Point is a favorite of mine, with them or without them, and it is exactly where I found my deep breath.

That’s a wrap.

Wind Kisses, Donna

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