To say it was a beautiful day would not begin to explain it. It was that day when the end of summer intersects perfectly with the start of fall. -Pachett

Yes, summer’s transition into autumn has arrived. I think Pachett’s quote defines our walk from August into September with perfection. I think it speaks of cherished memories and promises for tomorrow.

This weekend most people are enjoying the last long weekend of the summer before the kids are settled into schools, and sweatshirts come out of the closet.

Pumpkin spice is trickling into…everything.

In Arizona we will still be in flip flops. Then again, we are in flop flops all year long and you won’t find pumpkin spice in my house until October.


For me the beginning of August was also the tail-end of a trip to New England. If you frequent my blog you already know it was two-fold. We planned a move for my parents and revisited summers of the past. A few days in Boston, walking though our nation’s history, is where we started.

The small coastal town of Scituate, Mass. was next, and a reminder of everything…family.

Traveling north to New Hampshire took us…home.

And isn’t home where traditions are not promised…but necessary? I have said it before, and will say it again: Any place that serves lobster rolls and ice cream, is fine dining.

A return to Arizona and we bid farewell to our boat, “The Knotty Impulse”. She was our home away from home for 20 years.

Bittersweet,and time. There is something new on the horizon.

August is also the month of four birthdays in our house.

Can you dig it? Our sweet, excavator-loving 3 year old sure did.

And finally, our road trips continue. Actually, they never end, do they? While we hike north all year, it will only be a have to, for another few weeks. Our turn to be outside is coming as we patiently wait for temps to drop in the Valley of the Sun.

Until then we will stay cool the best way we know how.

It’s funny, as I sum up this month and reflect upon everything we have had to let go of, let go, or leave behind.

Honestly, it has been a roller coaster of emotions, and yet, I know this is also a lesson necessary to gravitate towards. I realize letting go is often just a chance for life to give rise to something else.

Is it something bigger, or better? Maybe. Maybe not. What I do know is there is always a reason to look forward to what is next, and always, always something to be grateful for.

Pay attention.


Wind Kisses, Donna