I love to walk into places of business and look at the wall art.  I often wonder who decided what the mood of the room should be. My doctor’s office has all macro photos of cactus.  The gym has photos of  what might be motivational, and a favorite restaurant, photos of quaint, southwest streets.   

Have you looked through your house?  

How much of your wall art is places you hope to go someday, and/or trends that someone else told you would look good? 


A few months ago we started talking about freshening up our walls to reflect our story.  It started with this canvas.

I  decided I wanted to bring more abstract art to our living area, reflections of family in my office space, and Arizona travel in our guest room, and I wanted all the art to be mine, from my archives.   

The reasoning was twofold.  I want what is on the walls to be interesting, and maybe a conversation piece and I want the memory attached to me.  

We have thousands of photos from our adventures, so why not?  The question was…which ones?   

I love scenery, and photos of the people I am with, and lately I have enjoyed close ups of textures, rock formations, and lichen.  

Ironically, the first canvases arrived in the mail yesterday.  My husband watched to see what I ordered and immediately knew this was the close-up photo of lichen from White Pocket.  

The rock layers were a unique canvas as well.

And yet…I am still deciding the best places for some of them.

The makeover in the guest room has begun with the Arizona garden theme.

And my office has my heart poured on to it in the face of my grandchildren.

I am hopeful that all the canvases are reminders of a life lived on purpose and with focus on an exact moment in time, and the exact things that matter…us.  

Wind Kisses, Donna

PS. I purchase my canvases from CanvasDiscount. Their products are great quality, and a good price.

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