Searching for that AH-HA moment?

I think found it. 

You know…it’s funny…before friends and family arrive in Arizona I tell them to keep an open mind.  They need to trust me, and believe that behind all the dry, arid, and prickly desert there is something beautiful waiting. 

And it never disappoints.

You have to keep your mind as wide open as your eyes, because almost nothing is what it seems. -Maberry

To capture the landscape is another story.

We try.

Look again. There is a person in the first photo on the Sedona landscape. And a closer look at Monument Valley, will show you a road with cars on it.

The eyes just travel so far and wide in this part of the country that capturing all of it in a single photo is almost impossible. A wide angle lens is a worthwhile try. Since I don’t have one I prefer to step back a little and capture what might be in the foreground.

A first look at Grand Canyon is a great example.

And a wildflower bloom in Monument Valley?


The truth is…at the end of every day,

I am not even sure the wide angle is as important as…keeping your eyes wide open.

What do you think?

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you, Patti for your inspiration in this weeks LAPC photo challenge, Going Wide.