To say it is golden is an understatement.

Autumn is one of the most appealing times to visit America’s oldest national park, and it might not be for the reasons you think.

This is the time when the crowds have quieted and visitors can experience a more intimate Yellowstone. When we lived there, we used to say it was the time of the newlywed and nearly dead. And it was true. Kids were back in school and autumn visitors have the time to take the time.

Lucky for them, it is also the time when Yellowstone seems to come alive.

Autumn Color:

Autumn color is the first reason to come to Yellowstone. It certainly can’t claim rights to the best show.  New England has the rights to that. It does, however, dazzle us with with a sprinkling of yellowing aspens, splashes of red huckleberry bushes, and acres of golden, wheat-colored grasses.

Yes indeed, you are golden.

The Wildlife:

With the cooler temperatures, animals that went up to higher elevations are coming down to the valleys. They now prepare for the harsh winter months, by foraging for their winter supply of food and/or searching for places to hunker down.

Rarely do the animals pay us any mind during this season. They have other things to do.

And if you have never seen or heard the elk bugling during the rut, this is the time.


The trails in Yellowstone are magnificent. They take you over the tops of hot springs, through forests, and to awe-inspiring overlooks. They will never disappoint. What makes the trails unique in the autumn is the contrast of the golden-colored landscape, with the brilliant blues of the sky, lakes…and hot springs.

And trust me…silence is golden too.

Less Visitors:

Yellowstone is a magical place any time of year, with something special about the autumn. The daytime temperatures remain tolerable allowing more time for exploration without long lines of cars. There is also time to sit and watch the day go by. And if you have never basked in contemplation, this is the place.

The Golden Rule applies here.

And if it is the golden hour you are after?

We have that too.

Stand by, the golden years are just beginning….

Wind Kisses, Donna

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