We figured 2022 was deserving of a GRAND entrance . 

We knew there was snow in the North Country and decided a road trip to play in it and grab lunch would be a great way to bring in the new year. 

On a whim, we waved at Flagstaff, and drove on to the Grand Canyon.   

I can’t count how many times I have been there, and while you think it might just be the same old thing, I find it to be different every time I go. Shadows, daylight, clouds, and weather, all play a role in how it presents itself, and it is always breathtaking. There are times to hike, reflect, and times when it is necessary to mother those who are way too close to the edge for the selfie or the Instagram tag.  

Today, I loved the quiet, and the palate of color against the blue and purple sky. I thought about what the native people or explorers from years ago thought when they approached the edge. Was it spiritual, an irritating obstacle, or a relief to have this spectacular backdrop to call home?

I guess we will never have the answers to that, but it’s fun to ponder just the same.

My husband and I reflected upon 2021 and talked about how lucky we feel to randomly drive to the canyon. And in its usual fashion, the canyon gifts us, ok gifts me, with impressions to carry home. He was glad the crowds were down, and that the new fuel tank he installed for long range travel worked like a champ. The ranger in him was content to help some foreign travelers with “don’t miss” adventures nearby.

And then there is me.

My impressions came to light when I looked back through my photos on the drive home. I think 2021 made us stronger and more grateful. Hopeful, seems to be the trend for 2022.

Instead, I am encouraged by a peek into 2022 with wisdom and knowledge. It is fueled by faith with the sunrise, as we begin fresh, every, single, day. It is driven by messages in the wind, and the most subliminal notes in nature, when you pay attention. And I am humbled to look out at the canyon thinking there is so much more than I can ever know.

I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.  – Campbell 

I do hope you find what fuels your fire, and inspires your soul for 2022. Here is what the Grand Canyon shared with me:

There are always windows of opportunity.  

There are always places for contemplation. 

There are always places for a deep breath.

And there will always be places to warm your heart.

But today, on Day One of this new year, I am simply humbled, and reminded, that there are also places that just capture coolness.  

Wind Kisses, Donna