Your special space is where you find yourself over and over again.  – Campbell

It is a place in your heart, your mind or your soul. Maybe all three. It can be shared. It can be rediscovered. The only requirement is that it takes you away every, single, time. It will be a place that generates memories, or helps you think.

But a free spirit can’t have just one.

I was stuck. So like most mornings, I swallowed some coffee, and walked into the desert. Nature is breath of fresh air, and speaks volumes about why. It holds memories of faraway places, and promises of tomorrow.

Nature? That felt too broad for me. Funny, I happened to be weeding out old files for an office renovation, when I ran across this article. It tells how years of running morphed into a love of gardening.

There is no illusion I love to be on my feet. I was a competitive runner for for 30 years. I find hikes mimic soul-seeking. Wandering around cities is awe-inspiring. And my gardens, are a place to be lost in thought.

I realize my special place is not an exact place at all, and instead that place I stick my feet shoes. It is the place I am with me, a place I love for me.

A journey begins with a fabulous pair of shoes. – Hudson Beeker

The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot. – Werner Herzog

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. – Beverly Sills

It’s not about the shoes, it’s what you do in them that matters. Michael Jordan

Life is short, buy the shoes.

Yours are the only shoes made to walk your journey. Charles Glassman

Do you have a special place? Love to hear about it.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by: Lens-Artists/Murtagh’s Meadow, Sunday Stills/Fresh