In Yellowstone we are nature’s guest. 

It is where we meet nature in it’s most spectacular showing. Around every turn we explore, ponder, and question. There is nowhere else in the world to see so many changes in the earth while watching animals in their native habitat.  

And it is a place we called home for two years. 

Recently, people have asked about our time in Yellowstone, surprised that Arizona was just our final home-fingers crossed.

I thought this week would be a good time to revisit our time there as we are challenged with looking at the Earth’s Story by Amy of Lens Artists.

I have gathered of few of my previous posts with the grand attempt at summarizing, and it is laughable. So much of our time cannot be put into words or stories.

It was about being present.  

This is nature’s laboratory, where animals, geothermal features, canyons, rivers, lakes and forests tempt our curiosity.

I find myself sharing stories of the bison and counting how many new calves have been born since the day before. They wobble on new legs one day and within a week are being scolded for wandering too far. I cherish them, it is they who dictate my time….and often conversation over coffee.

We know the predictability of geo-thermal features and their uniqueness.  At West Thumb Geyser Basin, the heat collides with frigid, Lake Yellowstone, changing both it’s picturesque shoreline and the ecosystems nearby.  Plant life is abundant, and fish have adapted over centuries of change. The lakeside eruptions, stir up aquatic life, resulting in a smorgasbord,  appropriately named the Trout Jacuzzi by the locals.

While awe-inspiring, to live here brings an entirely different perspective. We know the animals, their habits, their stomping grounds, and we never tell.

Not really, but we have gained a sense of protection for the wildlife,

and knowledge that the most dangerous animals in the park are actually humans.

Be reminded we are nature’s guest. #leavenotrace

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by: Lens-Artists/Earth Story

If you have time, the funny story of how we got to Yellowstone is…here, and a few