In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. -John Muir

It was windy this morning. A cactus wren was screeching complaints from a saguaro boot, the doves seem to be cooing, relax, it is all good, and the quails were just warning each other I had returned.  

Meanwhile, my hair flew around my face in laughter.  

It is always different.

I have been hiking to sunrise at Deem Hills since October. It is not your typical hike in the woods.  It is what I call a city hike, or what my grandkids call Gramma’s Mountain.  

I have walked at least 75 days, and who know how many miles. It doesn’t matter. For me it is about getting outside on my hill, to start my day. Everything else is extra. That includes the detours around coyote packs, embracing the rain, nervous lizards, and those sunrises.

Company? Sometimes it is family or friends, and sometimes it comes in the form of hot air balloons,

Or the neighborly wildlife.

In another month, the desert heat (and the snakes) will drive us north. Today we just appreciate that Spring has sprung.

And we hike home.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by: RDP: versatile