This week, Ann-Christine of the Lens-Artists community, challenges us with Three of a Kind.  Simply put: Your post should have three separate images that are somehow related. 

Another option is splitting one photo into three parts.-triptych. The feature photo from White Pocket, Arizona is a great example. For me, it divides a photo to help the viewer pause, read it, bring about a natural flow, a continuity.  

I have used this technique with several photos in my home over the years. Cactus and succulents from the botanical garden, the southwest landscape, and grandkids have made great subjects.  Interestingly enough, I didn’t know it had a name until I read the challenge. 

The Whys of Three of a Kind/Triptych:

Balance: This first series was from a visit to Valley of the Fire, Nevada. Here the photos of this new family of big horn are separate images that are related and complement each other. I had a closeup of the horns that would have worked, but I liked the balance of the mama and the babies.

Memories/Milestones: At the beginning of the month, my two-year old granddaughter joined me for a neighborhood walk.  In addition to simple fun, my goal was to capture her expressions with new-found treasures. That was a win.  I do wish the clarity of the photos was better. I would have enjoyed a series of her hands with each new discovery.

Themes: I cannot let this challenge go without one series from our trip to Moab, Utah last month. The hundreds of photos will find their way into blogs, note cards, and art for months. I like this collection because the photos on the sides are a part of the whole. The center is the group we travel with on these trips.

To Tell a Story: Sometimes triptych is used to bring a beginning, middle and end to a series. The sense of a story is what comes to mind for me. And while out of order, I thought the images were more balanced with the campfire in the middle.

Varying Perspectives: Finally, we were introduced to Aurora and Joe, from Liberty Wildlife at our Memorial Day ceremony. In this series we showcase Aurora in three different perspectives. She was a rescue and has imprinted with Joe. The first photo with the flags in the background is symbolic. The middle photo (that I wish was a video shows her trust in Joe). The third photo shows us she is blind in one eye, and she is still wild at heart.

It is hard to believe we have walked into June. May’s highlight was…hmmm….I guess a series of M’s: Moab, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, More travel, and what Matters.


Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by: Lens Artists/Three of a Kind, The Changing Seasons; Ju-Lyn/Brian