Life is simple, just add water.

At least that what it looks like at my house these days. The weather is warmer, in fact in AZ it is hot, the days longer, the grandkids are out of school and the house is stocked with snacks. There are three things they want to do when they visit…go in the pool, eat, and if they can talk their parents into it, spend the night.

We built the pool for them and they learn to swim here. The older ones are required to take my test if they want to be out there alone, and the little ones know they must stay on the walrus beach, unless a grown up takes them to the big water, as they have all called it.

It has been fun to see them progress through the years, and honestly to simply be in the water with them is phenomenal.

This morning after I was done gardening, I needed a dip. It was so quiet. The doves were cooing, the hummingbirds were doing fly-bys and the bees doing what they need to do on the sunflowers. Rarely am I out there on my own. I admit, it was nice. But reflections took me back to their time here.

Take a seat, and welcome to my version of water, water, everywhere.

Wind Kisses, Donna