I have never been much of a pack rat.

It wasn’t a choice. Frequent moves require weeding out and holding on to only what feels important. I guess it is an ongoing lesson about what I need, or don’t need. Photography can be like that too. Take away the extra, the noise, and focus on what matters, and you will bring light to the simplest of photos/subjects.

This week Sophia of the Lens Artist community challenges us with Minimalism Photography. (or if you choose, Maximalism.)And I think there are even some unwritten rules to help navigate, or guide us.

The Use of Color: The mountain bluebird in Yellowstone helped capture that moment perfectly.

Negative Space: I think in the early days of my walk into photography I took photos of what looked cool to me, along with obligatory photos of landscapes and milestones. Capturing moments in time is more my flow these days. This photo is not the best example of minimal, but here my husband is walking into that moment at White Sands National Monument. If I would have waited for a few steps, he would have been engulfed in the unique white sand from this stunning landscape.

Contrast: This photo is symbolic to only me. It was from a bucket list hike in the Smokey Mountains and shows the impact of dark vs. light. The focus clearly to what is up ahead. And my hope is it generates curiosity to other viewers.

Lines and Shapes: I love the way the amphitheater was an invitation to my grandson who watches his sister perform on the stage below.

Composition: We have talked about Rule of Thirds, which helps create a balance in photos without necessarily having perfect symmetry. Many of my photos are edited with this technique. This photo is about as simple as it gets, but did you also notice the footprints leading up the hill?

Simplicity: Sometimes you let the camera be your guide.

And sometimes you capture coolness that encompasses all those unwritten rules.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.- Leonardo da Vinci (in other words less is more).

What do you think?

Wind Kisses, Donna