Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. – Jennifer Lee. 

I think the essence of photography is finding your groove.   

But what is it?  Is there a correct approach to finding this?  Do I have one? 

It turns out, there are no rules.  These days, almost anyone can call themselves a photographer.  Smartphone cameras changed that, didn’t they. We watch people’s lives unfold before us like never before and with it, the personalities of those behind, or in front of the lens.  Selfography (selfies) become more and more popular, and so does traveling to cool places solely for the social media hit.  It’s not a criticism, just an observation.  Their groove. 

Photographic groove is what works for you, and your interests.  What we have in common here is, our love for what we love.   What works for me might not work for you. It doesn’t matter.  Some of us have an eye for detail, and others are inspired by the way people live.  Some of us find a plate of spaghetti intriguing and others the muddy wheel of a Jeep.   That’s me. 

I think the best way to find your groove is to understand what you are drawn to.     Are you bored at the Petrified Forest, but take the photos because everyone else does?  And then love, love, love that a collared lizard dropped in.  Also me.

Discover your groove: 

  1. Ask yourself what was interesting about the last place you visited.

2. Take a walk, without your camera. What grabbed your attention? 

3. Take a roadtrip. Stop when your curiosity tells you to stop.

4. Decide if you love morning or night. 

5. Decide if you are a creature of habit, or a free spirit. 

Capture it!

This week Anne of Slow Shutter Speed challenges us with discovering, our personal photographic groove.  For me it is not necessarily related to a camera, a lens or a subject.  I love capturing what is telling a story…

My story:  It is always different, and almost always connected to roadtrips. Just yesterday we returned from a cooler Arizona in the north country.

A few weeks ago we were in at the Chiricahuas in the east.

And last month at Ogunquit Beach in Maine.

Yes…roadtrips it is. It is my favorite way to reconnect with my groove. It takes me away from my day in and day out and guides my camera, my thoughts…my story. How about you?

What’s your groove?

Wind Kisses, Donna