If I could look at July as a theme, I would say it was a month of creative expression.  

It started at Berdena’s Coffee Shop, with the perfect heart-shaped flowers. Tulips, if you ask me.

Don’t you love when the baristas create art on latte? I do.  

I have never tried it myself.  I don’t plan to. I enjoy the gesture, and on the spot creativity of the barista.  It is a gift. Today, his gift of time and talent that I am privy to. A gift that will never look exactly like this again.

All, so I can enjoy coffee with a friend.

Creative Expression is not necessarily the ability to do something well, and instead, the ability to create something reflective of ourselves.

I know…the coffee hearts are stunning. And while the barista was clearly an expert, it was more reflective of his love for decorating coffee. Trust me on that. The “Thank you, you made my day”, from me, also made his.

Twenty-four hours later I was at the Mission Inn in Riverside, California, with a similar scenario. This time we were celebrating the chance to eat outside at a garden patio and staying cool.  I asked about sangria since it wasn’t on the menu.  The waiter hesitated, and smiled. He said he didn’t like the sangria from the restaurant, and promised I would love his masterpiece.

He was right.  And his rewards came with the comments of others saying: “I want what she has”.

Creative expression comes to light in many ways.

Talk of art and we usually think of those creative, hippie-types, the musically inclined, or connoisseurs of fine art and food. And what of theatrical geniuses? But haven’t you also met the gifted photographer who captures intricate detail, and the poet that keeps you reading? A closer look at yourself, and you can set aside the notion: “Oh, I can’t draw worth squat, or carry a tune to save my life. ”

Who cares? At some point a sand-castle sculptor said the same thing.

I could dwell on the endless possibilities.

I relearned this during July. I bought a table for the office/multi-purpose room in my home. The sole (or is it soul) purpose was to have a creative art space. My husband likes models, the grandkids love legos, play dough, puzzles, and paint etc… And everyone loves to explore what might be new on the table. My first project was for me. I painted clothes pins, stuck them on a wire ring, and decorated it with stars for an easy Forth of July activity. My creative expression is reflective in my house and garden.


Creative Expression is what you want it to be.

Next, was a project I have been wanting to try for quite some time: Acrylic Pouring. I thought it might be one of those easier than it looks projects, and when my grandkids discovered the paint I wondered if the room would quickly look like an art studio. I discovered, all you need is color to love, and a vision of where you want your paint to travel. It is pretty apparent there is a purple-lover amongst us. And in the process we discovered an ocean, a gem/geode, and earth. And contrary to my belief that it would be a chaotic mess, it was one of the most calming activities we have ever done.

Look for them at the next farmers market or swap meet. The grandkids think they are on to something.

Creative Expression is where you want it to be.

Sometimes it happens with a little help. The Childrens Museum of Phoenix is a blank canvas of inspiration and imagination. I find it interesting to see personalities explode here. They wander where they feel their space. They can paint a robot inside and out. They can pick and sell flowers from the flower shop. They can drive through the car wash and stop for groceries on their way home. They can write a play or musical and act it out, while someone else sells ice cream and hotdogs.

And at the end of the day they just live, love, and laugh in their own expression.

Creative Expression is who we are.

Isn’t that how it is supposed to be?

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by: July 2022/Changing Seasons/Brian and Ju-Lyn