We drove two hours before the sun came up. We wanted to get a head start. This was the first day of our 2022 road trip north. Our mission was to get through Arizona and Nevada as quickly as possible.

With me in the car, quickly is relative. I love random roadside stops along the way, and the road between Las Vegas and Tonopah, Nevada did not disappoint.

This week, Amy from the Lens Artists Community Challenges us with, Here Comes the Sun. I chuckle because as we move along, I want to fit it as much as possible during the car rides.

Two hours north of Las Vegas and minutes from Death Valley, and we rumbled in, just in time for The Last Supper, at Rhyolite Ghost Town. Look again, this ghostly, life-size, depiction of Da Vinci’s art is a fun break.

Funny enough, the largest memorial was a tribute to Rhyolite’s town madam. I guess, here comes the sun might look a little different to her.

The International Car Forest of The Last Church has been on my curiosity radar for awhile. Located in Goldfield, NV., this outdoor art gallery houses vehicles protruding from the ground with legal graffiti and art. The project began in 2002 on the mining properties of Michael Ripple. His goal was to have an outdoor creative space for everyone.  Initially, events were held to encourage artists to create images, or messages, and it has become a continually changing tapestry of art. 

The feature photo/vehicle was a perfect photo for my trip. Maybe someone knew our agenda. I don’t know, but the best part about visits here? Taggers are welcome!  Bring your own spray paint.

I think Amy will like my contribution to the gallery. Do you?

And now the real deal.

We spent the night at The Shady Lady Bed and Breakfast .  I admit there was heightened anxiety, because while prostitution is NOT legal in Las Vegas, it is indeed a promising career in Nevada.  Praying for the sun is what comes to mind here.

Honestly, the accommodations at this desert oasis was made perfect by our hosts and and their love of peacocks. The peacocks wander freely around the property and use the roof to get into the trees at night.   That said. I checked the locks twice, and put a can of bug spray by my bed in the event anyone “got lost” thinking I might be their sunshine.

Wind Kisses, Donna