We have been on the road for ten days. Mt. Lassen was a test in character, Rainier was a chance to reminisce, and Mt. St. Helens a necessity. More on those places another time.

Today Sea Glass Beach was on our agenda. I had heard about it through the grapevine and after we had left Washington. It is located near the coastal town of Port Townsend, so they say. It’s all hearsay, and I wondered if it might even be a myth. The directions were to park at North Beach and walk two miles west. No guarantees. The only stipulation was to make sure to watch the tides so you don’t get trapped.

I took the greatest skeptic with me. He was afraid I would let time get away from me and float out to sea. And guess who found the first piece? At that point I knew I wouldn’t have to do any more convincing.

It is with irony, this week, that Ann- Christine invites us share favorite finds. I have enjoyed collecting sea glass since I was young and Sea Glass Beach is a find in itself. Because today I am reminded it is not about the sea glass at all, and instead about finding the find, if that makes sense.

We discovered a remote ecosystem with deer roaming the beach and an eagle fishing. We found the large trees that wash up on the shores of the PNW fascinating,

and we found quiet.

The wild sea otters were extra. This was a first for us.

And yes, we found sea glass too.

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen-Sabrina Cadini

Wind Kisses, Donna

We will be back in the woods this afternoon. See you in a few days.