Do you remember Paula Abdul’s song, Opposites Attract, from the 80s? It was about relationships. The lyrics speak of personality contrasts to the max. That was us. That is still us. We kinda crashed into each other back in the day, figured it out, and laugh about it now.

There will be no changing either one of us.

Baby ain’t it somethin’ how we lasted this long?

You and me provin’ everyone wrong.

Don’t think we’ll ever get out differences patched,

Don’t really matter ’cause we’re perfectly matched. – Paula Abdul

This week, Tina of the Lens-Artists community, challenges us to find opposites in our photos. Make sure you take a look at her stellar photography and words to walk with them. For me, a look back at recent photos was a fun reminder at how opposites can attract.

I guess we have just figured out how to appreciate our differences. Ok. Truth. I don’t always appreciate his ways, but I will be the first to admit we always have fun. Always. When we travel we have his picks for the day, mine, and we always like something together. The something is usually in different ways, but it is something.

He likes it dirty. I like it neat.

He likes the high tide. I like it low.

He likes to blaze the trails. I like to linger.

He saw this as a cool piece of driftwood, art. I saw my heart. Side note: He did not notice the heart until I showed him the photo.

We are who we are.

But, at the end of everyday, I know, we both know our differences strengthen us. After all….

I only have eyes for you…The Flamingos

Wind Kisses, Donna

See you next week for a walk in my neck of the woods. For more about The Lens-Artists Community, see here.