When I first started blogging, it’s purpose was to have place to set my thoughts. I enjoyed compiling my photos and adding my impressions.

I still do. Those impressions aren’t always relative to travel, and more often, a walk through my daily life, a passing of time, and the messages I take away from this beautiful place we all call home.

Pull Up A Seat.

That said, roadtrips are, indeed, of paramount importance in our lives and instrumental in those impressions I speak of. Yes, our trips have changed over the years, and so have we. We went from being uprooted regularly in the military, to finding a permanent home in Arizona. Our in-between time, had us traveling the country for two years , and later living and working in Yellowstone.

Water, Water Everywhere

A permanent home in Arizona gave us an endless roadtrip list. And while we don’t get much water here, when we do that in itself is a trip to remember. And we go on.

Weekend Sky:

Back to the point. About Challenges.

Honestly, my blogging life comes and goes. It’s fine. For me, it’s not a job or a have to, and our story continues whether I am present…or not.

It’s simply fun and motivating. I have found a thoughtful community I can come back to, check in, and feel like I have never left. I can get brain block, visit favorite blogs, and know I will find a topic to spark my energy. And where else can you find global engagement about just about anything.

RDP: Starburst/ Texture /Birds

So I join in. I hope you will too.

We are currently on our way to Joshua Tree National Park as we speak, and while our trips are for us, I will also keep in mind that Leya of our Lens Artists community says to look for favorite flowers, and Terri of Sunday Stills wants us to search for fleeting moments.

No promises. I will try.

If not, I have still fed my soul, with them on my mind.

See you in a few days…..

Wind Kisses, Donna

Allow the world to vanish when you go into it. To listen is to search for new opportunities, to seek fresh challenges. The most important book you can read (and write) is the one about yourself.

It is open. – Erling Kagge