True story.

Our first trip to Kofa Wilderness Area sent us home a day early.  We woke to 38 degree temps and 40 mph winds.  His years of military service, sent him into alert mode.  He started batting down the hatches, checking the systems in the trailer and quite frankly running around like a roadrunner with a lizard in his mouth. 

Then again. Maybe he was the lizard in this story. 

Me? I was snugged up with long johns under my pjs, and a down blanket wrapped around me. My chair was pushed against the side of the tent in an effort to hold it back. I was prepared to wait it out. 

And then I did it. I asked the necessary question.

Can we still have coffee?

Daggers. And I looked behind me to see if it was directed at me. It was. But he made the coffee anyway and together we promised to return another time.

Three weeks later, and that another time is in the books.

Welcome to Kofa, again.

Our home on the road tells the story of who we are, while amidst what we love.

Our first exploration was the Ko-kopelli Spiral. I can give you general directions, but it is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and is an anomaly. No one knows why it is here, who made it or what the history is. People who come here find it meditative and walk the spiral to the center, a journey, and they leave trinkets as gift. It took me 9 minutes and 37 seconds to walk to the center and my shadow traveled around me 28 times.

Drives into the deserts washes, gift us with a sprinkle of wildflowers. The recent rains are a promise of a superbloom this year. Fingers crossed.

And we hike into the canyons too. A place that feels like it belongs to us, and only us.

We laugh with the discovery of skull rock and contemplate a detour when a dry waterfall is too high to climb down.

We find gems, so we think, and we wish we knew what we were looking for…or looking at. Instead we just look.

And we rest with the night sky as our entertainment.

Wind Kisses, Donna