Dear New England,

They say…once a New Englander, always a New Englander. I guess that’s true. You symbolize home for me. My memories from your rocky shores are reminiscent of crab hunts, and gathering shells for no other reason than to make windows on our sandcastles.

You have created me. You made my childhood a time that is evanescent of laughter and fun. You are the reason I anticipate visits. I love the beaches, country roads and vibrant autumns. I love your farm stands on the roadsides, overflowing with berries, apples, fresh flowers, and pumpkins.

Whatever the season…I love you.

But I have a confession.

It is time I introduce you to the other love in my life. I haven’t cheated on you. And it doesn’t mean I love you less. In fact, maybe I love you more because of the memories, the traditions, and the feeling in my gut that says family every time I land at Logan Airport in Boston. Nothing can, or will take away what is engrained in our soul, especially...home.

But life brought us here, to the Southwest. And in the best vision of home, we have landed exactly where we are meant to be, at this moment in time. Together is what comes to mind, but that’s for another day. Yes, there are differences, lots of differences.

Thank goodness. Isn’t that what makes life so grand? Aren’t we the lucky ones to have the chance to experience new things, cultural differences, even though we are in the same country? Aren’t we?

So….my duck boots went to Goodwill, and have been replaced with flip flops.

Cowboy boots are the trend, on occasion, and I am good with that.

I know, I know, our gardens sure look different,

And I guess you already know about the trees, don’t you?

Truth is, I had to admit to a learning curve when it came to southwest jargon. And then I discovered Yee Haw and Wicked Good can be used interchangeably.

The landscape is the same. Trust me. Any chance to look at the horizon, celebrate sunrise and/or sunset it is a win/win, isn’t it? Does it matter if we look to the ocean for those reflections, or the desert? It doesn’t to me.

Livelihood, legacy, and tradition are passed down wherever you live. Sometimes it looks a little different, and our clothing might speak a different wisdom, but the result is the same. Carry on…..

And finally, there are two exceptions to living in the Southwest, and coming from the Northeast that cannot be compromised. Food. Lobster will only be served at my house if it is shipped from the place we always plucked it from, Maine.

And there is no such thing as Taco Tuesday in my house.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you to Amy of, The World is a Book, for hosting this week’s fun challenge. She asks us to explore, East Meets West or North Meets South. Trust yourself.  Go thorough your photos, start writing, and read her creative post here to inspire your thoughts. Remember to link to her posts and add the Lens-Artists take so we can find you.

A special thank you to Patti as she nudged us to take a look at Shadows and Reflections in Monochrome last week. Once again, the interpretations to the challenge were creative and inspiring.  This week, in particular,  I enjoyed learning about what photos work best in monochrome.   

Next week, we welcome Bren as a guest host.  She challenges us with: Lowering That Clarity To Bring Softness.  I hope you will look forward to learning with me next week.

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