My first recollection of valuable time was the summer before I entered college.  My high school running coach promised life would get busy, and sometimes in the way. His infinite wisdom was funny to me at the time. “Remember…there  will always be an hour in the day for yourself. Use it.”  

I assumed  his advice was directed at my running career. With a scholarship, and fresh beginnings on the horizon, life felt pretty, dang good.

Why would I need to find an hour? 

I learned pretty quickly, he was right. Away from studies, practices, late night fun, and new friends, I needed me back.

Jump to today and Anne Christine challenges us with Alone Time.

Even though our life experiences define our character, it is our alone time, that helps us understand it. Do you agree life is not always tucked in nice and cozy? It’s not. Life does get in the way. The hard stuff is hard, and we don’t always have the luxury of choosing the easy way.

One thing we can be deliberate about is that grounding force, time, that brings us back to center.

Alone Time:

Back to college, and my weekends started with long runs on the railroad track next to my dorm in New England. Ironically enough I never fell, and my connection to the outdoors grew. An hour morphed into leaving a note for curious friends and I would return with apples from a wild orchard, stories of the changing seasons, and me.

In fact, I think it was running that sparked my interest in gardening. Harmony in native landscapes and balance in the natural world intrigued me and was a direct correlation to living life. And my old running shoes quickly became my garden shoes.

At The Oregon Garden, strategically placed plants and shrubs offered me a lesson in landscape design. A volunteer opportunity, with spaces to call my own, taught me reflection, productivity, and growth. The Children’s Garden was a favorite.

A life of travel and frequent moves, and a kayak became instrumental in keeping me close to the elements of nature. And while I admit to not always being alone, I was OK with that. There is something quite magical with a seal as curious as I am.

There is always balance…somewhere along the way.

And…there will always be an hour in the day for yourself. Use it.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you to Ann-Christine/LEYA , for reminding us of well-needed and deserved, Alone Time. What do you do to reconnect with yourself as she does here. It looks different to all of us. If you blare the stereo and dance around while cleaning the house, or if you sing the wrong words louder than the car radio, you know what I am talking about.

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A special thank you to guest host Bren, as she took us all on a journey outside our comfort zone. The challenge sparked new ideas and a fresh softness to our photography.    

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