This week, John challenges us to think about, The Road (Most Often) Taken as it relates to our photography. Have you ever thought about what your favorite type or style of photography is? John’s inspiration comes to us with stunning photos of the landscapes he loves from his recent travels.

Like him, I think most photographers out there have a distinctive and unforgettable style. I am not sure I am that person. And I am not sure I have a one word answer for the task.

What I do have is a camera as a constant companion. With frequent moves, life often dictated when and where I would be at any given time. Taking advantage of those moments was, and still is, a driving force for me. Hmm…maybe my photography is representational of something larger than I am aware.

Photography keeps me connected to friends and family. With snail mail as our only means of sharing life, in the day, photography was more than a hobby. Monthly packages were sent stateside with souvenirs, photos, and a chance to share culture of the cities we lived in, like the Schwarzwald, Deutschland.

Photography holds our memories.

There are timeless moments, and moments in time. And I wonder if they are the same. Somedays I wish I could go back in life. I don’t necessarily need to change anything, but it would be nice to feel a few things twice? Since we can’t, I want those transitory moments, those memories between past and future stopped by a camera.

This old paper photo of my daughters dancing, is one of many memories of La Feria in Espana.

Photography is random, and purposeful. Yellowstone defined that!

Photography is emotional. There are times to laugh…

…and times when you know the value of tears.

Photography is a collector of art and curious things, some more profound than others.

Photography is for reflection and impressions.

And photography is about discovery. Sometimes it’s the tiniest details that matter.

And size is always relative to the place you are standing, isn’t it?

So maybe my photography is a story, a legacy of the places I leave my heart. Maybe my photos will remind someone to return to that wildflower meadow, the beach where we gathered generations, or that meandering road to a cowboy cookout in Wyoming.

Yes, that’s it.

Photography is a love affair with life- Burk Uzzle,

This Road (most often) Taken?

For me> It is the road called life. Photos included.

Wind Kisses, Donna


Thank you to John for challenging us with The Road (Most Often )Taken, as it relates to our photography. I think we all have a vision unique to our character. This week was the chance to show it. Remember to link to John’s post and include the Lens-Artists Tag so we can find you.

Thanks to Tina for gifting us the chance to recognize the importance of Finding Peace in her challenge last week. I was blown away by both the photography and words to emphasize peace. If there is anything the last few years has taught us, all of us, it is the how and why we find peace.

We hope you will join us next week when Sofia of Photographias will host the challenge.

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