We were having a Hotel California moment. In other words….

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.Eagles

We arrived in Sedona, late afternoon, to picturesque Junipine Resort.  The visit was supposed to be a week with an agenda, the list of things we hadn’t done. Instead, we learned the roads north and south were closing behind us and we were trapped with rising flood waters. 

Our cabin was on Oak Creek.

This week Anne challenges us with New Experiences. I chuckle to think with all the places I have lived in my life, surely new experiences must be my expertise.  I love the new, the unknown, and the surprises that come with them.  Sometimes Plan B is a necessity.

And we are ok with that.

I learned a long time ago, life is not always wrapped up with with lacy ribbons and a tidy bow. Things change, stuff happens, and ironically enough, aren’t those often the moments that teach us, and gift us choices to grow. I think, when we welcome, in the way, adversity, we gather resilience, and a beckoning curiosity.

I found it fascinating to watch the rain water collide with the raging snow runoff. And found it funny that a few days prior, I was bouncing around in the Jeep looking for wildflowers. Sunny skies welcomed us early afternoon, along with the road crews who were plowing mud and removing boulders so we could be on our way.

With the list in hand, and a formal gown in my back pack we set off to the local trails.

The caves, fins, and arches were the motivation.

Kind of.

I hauled the dress for six miles. I gathered the old, the new, the borrowed, the blue and had an audience of friends we met along the way. This was the Ruby Anniversary, and while we had hoped to go to the Ruby Mountains in Nevada, they don’t open until June. It was then we realized one of the most stunning (red) places in the world was in our backyard, Sedona.

Forty years ago we said I do. No white dress, and no full church.

Just us staring at life.

And this week we grabbed yet, another chance to keep it new, and secret, and surprising.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you to this weeks host, Anne, of Slow Shutter Speed, for encouraging us to share our New Experiences. Everyday is a new day, isn’t it? Be sure to visit Anne’s site to see photos from her most recent travel to Australia. Amazing! Remember to link to her post and add the Lens-Artists Tag so we can find you.

Last week Sofia challenged us with Spring. She, in her natural style, eloquently personified Spring for us. For me it was a chance to blast Arizona’s Superbloom. The responses to her challenge were reminders that spring as not sprung in other parts of the world...yet.

Next week join me for the next challenge. And stand by….is IS April Fools Day. Be ready for anything.

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