It is April Fools Day! Let’s just start with a pile of rocks and get it out of the way.

Ha, look again. The living stones in the center are Lithops, succulents camouflaged in the pebbles. Interestingly enough, the popular novelty is also edible and tastes like green peppers. It’s tricky, but do you see them?

And would believe me if I told you this next photo is the paddle of a prickly-pear cactus? It’s true. The cactus bones are the lacy, intricate veins of a dead cactus.

To me it is abstract art.

This week, it is my turn to host the Lens-Artists Challenge: It’s Tricky! If you’d like to fool us, this is your week. Otherwise, I hope I can inspire you, or trick you into joining the fun.

Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them – Elliott Erwitt.

Every click of the shutter is an attempt to make a good photograph. It doesn’t always work out that way, does, it? Over time we become more engaged, amused, and maybe stunned by our coolness. And we stay the course. Maybe that’s our motivation. Who knows?

The fun part is the journey we take alongside trial and error. A journey unique to us.

Stand by. It’s Tricky!

Searching for the better shot: Cathedral Rock is ever present in the Sedona landscape. The views are iconic. That said, being at the right place at the right time is paramount, not to mention avoiding the cacti underfoot.

Embracing conveniences: I don’t want to love my iPhone more than my Nikon. I do. It sits in my pocket ready, and the new macro and burst features have become new addictions. And just like that, an Arizona desert-rain captures the raindrops dancing in my pool.

Changing perspective: How often do you forgo the shot because you can’t get low enough for the angle you want? Next time, turn your iPhone upside down, and set it on ground level. It’s a lifesaver, and brings you a, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, moment.

Embracing creativity: Forced perspective, and the creation of illusions is great fun, even if it feels a little tricky for me. It is more of a science to master, and my photos are clearly a work in progress. Thank goodness for popcorn, chocolate eggs, willing participants, and my belief in bribery.

Bringing purpose: To think we can change the perception of places is something I wish we could do more of. I am notorious for falling in love with tattered signs stuck in lush gardens, and rustic fences inviting us to the beach. There are gardens that bring light to dilapidated properties, and trends that use murals to hide unsightly areas.

It tricks us into loving the unlovely, doesn’t it?

Being patient: Sometimes we have to wait for the right shot, the right time…And so do they.

On a more personal note, my patience is tested on every road, off the beaten path. His is tested when we get there. And while I admit to barking directions at him to stage a photo, he admits he doesn’t listen.

It’s tricky, but we figure that out too.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Your turn.

I know…It’s Tricky! Enjoy the chance to think outside-the-box for this challenge. What tricks do you use to get the shot you want? Do you love reflections in raindrops? Is there something hidden in your photo, or the unsuspecting behind a wall. Have you ever found ice cream clouds, or illusions in a waterfall at sunset? A unicycle? That’s tricky and so are sand castles with the incoming tide. I hope you join us. Remember to link your post to mine, and use the Lens-Artists Tag so we can find you.

A special thank you to Anne as she inspired us to share New Experiences last week. Once again, I am blown away by the responses. There was fabulous travel experiences, life lessons, photography lessons, and beer to name a few. Quite enlightening.

Next week are excited to introduce our next guest host, Siobhan of Bend Branches. Her inspiring blog will take you to the high desert of Bend, Oregon (and beyond) where she gathers impressions of science, nature, art, and whatever she encounters along the way.

Interested to learn more about the Lens-Artists Challenge, click here for more information.