The list of lists kept getting longer. Most of it was last minute details to ready ourselves for our next trip.

In the meantime, I also prepare for grandkids flying from the front door straight through to the back door, following the have to hugs, and a kick of the shoes at the pools edge. I warn them it is still too cold, and they will insist on testing it for themselves. They don’t really care, accept the first one in gets bragging rights until next year.

I have staged what I can to feed twelve tomorrow, and hope for a minute to collect my thoughts.

My husband shouted from the living room, “Get your camera, and your shoes, they have opened the road to Horseshoe Lake and Dam.”

Did he NOT know about my list?

We take an annual trip out to the lake to search for wildflowers. This year, I patiently tracked the superbloom peak, only to discover flash floods closed the road. Just yesterday I was thinking, this would be the first year we missed it.

There is always the right time for everything. Sometimes we make it, sometimes we wait for it, and sometimes we simply take it.

We drove to the lake first, where saguaros punctuate the waters edge. In previous years, we could drive along the lake bottom for miles. It is sixty feet underwater today, and we were gifted this beautiful moment of reflection.

And the white poppies looked so restful on the side of the road.

The next stop was at the dam. It is a lifeline for the desert and the flow is as valuable as gold was to miners of the past. It is always fun to walk the walk, and this year more so with the heavy flow.

And I think of this season of spring, this time of hope and renewal.

And I am reminded that the promise of resurrection is more than the written word. It is in every drop of rain, every ray of sunshine, and every wildflower meadow.

Wind Kisses, Donna

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