Dear Amy,

Do you remember lying in the grass as a kid and watching the clouds go by?  Did you search for shapes like I did? They seemed tangible enough to hop across, with the possibility of a quick-grab of cotton candy along the way.

Yes, we know better, and even as we try to grow up, we can still see a guppy floating across the sky at White Sands.

Skyscapes and Cloudscapes:

Technically, most people have touched a cloud. Those who have ridden in a hot air balloon or enjoy skydiving know that feeling.   And fog, that’s a low cloud, right?  A Yellowstone sunrise from a few years ago stopped us near Madison Campground.

I call this, The Spumoni Sunrise.

During a trip to Bavaria, we took a lift above Zell Am See. Our plan was to hike. Rain gear was necessary with the deluge in town. And to our delight, the ride took us to the sunny top. The clouds below appeared to be a snow-covered valley. I wondered, once again, if I might walk on the clouds as I dreamed.

Coffee was probably a better choice.  

And in a few hours we could see Zell Am See below.

More recent travel took us north to the expansive views of Utah where clouds and their shadows seem to dance with the landscape. Does anyone else see the chubby airplane cloud waving at me from Monument Valley?

In Moab, the windows offer the best views.

Or do they?

Pictures aside, it was imperative to watch the skies behind the La Sal Mountains, since we spent many days driving in river washes. Interestingly enough, the mountains seemed to hold back the storms, keeping our campsite dry as well.

Thank goodness their wet winter filled the lakes and valleys with water, and also gifted us with abundant wildflowers.

Pretty sure there is only one cloud for that… Cloud 9.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you to Amy for giving us the chance to showcase our Skyscapes and Cloudscapes. Grab your camera, go outside, look up and join us. For me, it coincided with our 10 days in Moab, but it also evoked feelings of nostalgia from childhood and memorable travel. Read Amy’s more eloquent post here.

Thank you to John for allowing me to feature some roadside art for Art in the Park last week. Responses to all the challenges continue to fascinate me. We all feature what is close to our hearts and/or homes and no two are ever alike. Art in the Park was proof of that diversity.

Next week, check in with Anne for Len’s Artists #251.

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