It appears as if someone has dragged a paintbrush across the slick rock for us to follow. We know better. The lines from thousands of vehicles who have traversed the landscape ahead of us, define Moab, Utah.

This annual trip is what we call, The Jeep Trip. A week with like-minded Jeelples for off-road fun. Keep in mind, the word fun is relative to where you sit or stand. For many, Moab is a playground, and while I could say it is just a bunch of boys with their toys, I can’t. Three women were primary drivers this time.

I was not on that list.

In case you don’t know me, you do need to know two things about me…AND Jeeps, before you continue reading.

  1. I do not like driving OR riding shotgun while rumbling along rocky cliffs.
  2. And yet…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE where the roads take us.

My fun comes with my camera over my shoulder. On this day, abundant wildflowers dotted the landscape.

Stops along the way are like no where else in the world.

Other photographers in the group were playing along side me.

And even though pups in the party had different priorities. There was no doubt they were living their best life.

I guess I find it funny to see different interpretations of the same place, and it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? We all love what we love and simply connect to that space the best way we know how.

There are teachable moments for some.

There are river crossings for those who prefer to get wet.

There are high and dry views with unique perspectives…and reality checks.

And there are many times we get the best of both worlds. He climbs it, I explore it, and we are both captivated by this vast, seductive landscape. Our playground? Yes. Here we are in the same place, at the same time, with different views, and totally different experiences. But trust me when I tell you he was proud of the fact that he missed the flowers on the rock staircase. This was a “plays well with others” moment.

OK…he had a directive prior to the climb, but cool shot, right?

Wind Kisses, Donna

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