How are you?

No, really, how are you?

Not sure any of us know how to answer that question these days.  The unknowns keep us wondering and the knowns are kind of scary, aren’t they?

I like to think everything just feels a bit awkward.

It isn’t all that bad,

Is it?  

Traveling 81mph during rush hour is kinda nice,  getting creative in the kitchen with leftovers is fun, and have you noticed how organized you have become and how abundant the gardens are?fullsizeoutput_7f82

So why do some days feel harder than others?  

I am not talking about the reemergence of Twister© in the house.  That is downright humbling.

I am talking about those gut wrenching feelings that aren’t answered.  I am talking about fear, frustration, and anger.  And more often then not, sadness.

To keep it real, most days people are waving from the proper distance during my morning walks, but yesterday a woman left the 10′ wide trail and plastered herself against a chain link fence facing away from me to protect herself.

I felt sad for her.

Later, Costco’s line was 200 deep.  I refused to wait and drove by.   Sadly, I noticed the masks, the distance, and people facing away from each other while on their phones waiting.

Is this who we are now?

Everything has changed.  I miss the neighbors gathering at fire pits on Friday evenings.  I miss traveling to New Hampshire every few months to see family, and I miss smiling faces. fullsizeoutput_7f80

Don’t you?

Can’t we just try to bask in this moment.  Can we record what we are doing as we walk through this historic and emotional chaos?   Can we understand, this too shall pass?  And can we also understand that the simplicity that has entered our lives is a gift? Maybe a message?IMG_2253



Wind Kisses, Donna

What are you doing these days that puts a smile on your face?