He has taught me to look for, and find, the good thing in life, and…he always knows the inside joke, because he is usually part of it. 😂

On this day, I remember thinking, he is the reason I believe the most important people, in any moment, are those who surround me. 

They are.

A year later, this picture has become the most cherished photo of me and my dad.  Our time looks different now. Our long conversations about life are etched in my heart and I can remind him of what is good, today.  He still laughs at the inside joke. And even though I wonder if he is pretending, I am OK with that.   He is here.

And I learned, during this time, a grateful heart can be larger then I ever knew.


Let me explain with my thoughts on, searching for the good, during the weeks when everything changed.  The weeks following dad’s stroke.

“This past week taught me something. First of all, I don’t know how people spend all day texting, but with communication to family and friends paramount, it seemed like the only way this time.

Every word mattered, and every thinking about you mattered, MORE THEN YOU KNOW.

I am not always someone who blasts personal stuff  on social media for others to fuss over, and as all this progressed, it seemed to be the best place to land. The fact that I am back in Phoenix will tell you that he is ok. I am content that he has embraced this new journey, mom is doing great, and he is receiving outstanding care. My flight to Boston was quite different, not knowing what a text might say when I landed. I am forever grateful for my niece who made sure I didn’t have to think about anything, but getting in the car and getting there.

My siblings and I have a unique way of bouncing off each other, so we took turns being the pillar. Not sure I am too good at that part, so thank God for them.

He was an amazing athlete in his day and PT told us that it was evident from his first session. I will return in a month or so, when he is settled. No doubt he will regret that, as those of you who know me, know I will welcome the PT workouts with him. 🤣🤣 and I promised, so he should start practicing.

So what else did I learn this week?

I learned about hundred’s of people who’s lives have been touched by dad’s kindness and charity, and that good karma came back and cloaked our family in overwhelming thoughts of love, kindness and prayer, because of him. The Pease Greeters, his golf friends, notes in mom’s mailbox from neighbors, and calls from friends and family I hadn’t seen in years, rescued our sadness for a moment, as they made sure we knew we were on their minds.

And today I am not sure if I am happier because God picked me to be his daughter, or if God picked him to be my dad. Either way, this family we were both tossed into brings the most amazing feeling to my heart, as I take a deep breath and say, we got this!”

And that good thing just keeps resonating through him.


Wind Kisses, Donna

Cherish Rescue