There is a bandana with stars and stripes hanging from the rear view mirror of my Jeep.  I put it there when the C-19 scare began.  It was a precaution.  I left the bandana in place just in case I need it. There are at least a dozen uses for a bandana, and for now, it will be a reminder of 2020 and the time we needed to look ahead to better days, not behind. 

You can’t drive looking in your rear view mirror-Steve Harvey

Picture that for a minute.  What if your windshield was blocked and you only used the rear view mirror for direction, or for guidance to move forward.  A bit scary in my opinion, and chances are, you wouldn’t get very far because it’s not the whole picture.  And it is not where you are going. fullsizeoutput_863c

So why is it that we keep looking back thinking it will help us move forward. Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting  that you don’t peek.  

Please do that.

A glance back is a necessary caution, and offers encouragement to steer the course safely.  A quick glimpse is all you need for the promise of safe travels, and confidence to invest your time to look ahead.  The views are much better in that direction.

Trust me. fullsizeoutput_8640

The best is yet to come.  fullsizeoutput_8634

What is behind you is meant for carrying with you.  So take charge of that forward with life experience in tow, and if you need that glimpse back, remember, it is indeed, behind you.  ❤️

Whats hanging from your rear view mirror?  Does it have meaning? 

Wind Kisses, Donna