People come into your life for a reason, a season, a lifetime.

Have you figured out who is who yet?

It isn’t the first time that I have come to terms with how important people are in my life. I am not necessarily talking about family and close friends, today.

They know.

I am talking about the people you meet along the way. My blogging community is one of those people. This month I am inspired by Brian and Ju-lyn as they encourage us to look, yet again, at our Changing Season.

The photo above, of the heart, spoke volumes to me as it was made by the F-16 (Thunderbirds) at the Tucson Air Show. It was dedicated to military families, and reminded me of the years of deployments and the camaraderie of the families walking beside me. In those days, family was truly those who surrounded us.

I guess the pilot figured I deserved that one photo. Anyone else relate to this?

With our cooler temps, walks to the sunrise a few mornings a week are my respite. The trails familiarity gifts me wisdom, as I know the easy parts, the best views, and the hardest scrambles. The cool factor is it’s never the same. One of these days I am going to capture the sun-landing on a saguaro, not today.

It is interesting to hear others reasons for the climb. Some are like me in their walk to the sunrise, others have energetic dogs, and others don’t necesarily want to be here, but are trying to walk themselves skinny. Little do they know when they ask me what time the rise is, nature is getting to the best of them as well. This girl simply wants the time to clear her head before her workday.

With Thanksgiving, we gather, and begin the season of gratitude and traditions old and new. This year I brought the outside in, but at the end of the day….

It’s all about food.

Yes, the sunrise is a fresh start to the everyday, but there are others days when burro-hunting takes precedence and we find javelinas instead. It’s all good. I can only hope the ladies resting at the swinging bridge were grateful to learn that roadrunners really do cross the road… and eat lizards.

December: Christmas is on the horizon.

Wind Kisses, Donna