Anza-Burrego is best known for its night sky and it’s spring wildflower season. We will remember it for its extraordinary everything, starting with the Wind Caves.

The Wind Caves are a series of sandstone holes and caves in the eastern section of Anza-Burrego State Park, in California.

The drive out to the Wind Caves is as spectacular as the hike itself. The cliff walls of Fish Creek Wash, dwarf our Jeeps, and I admit my fingers are crossed that there is no rain in the forecast. The sky is pretty daunting, but with locals leading the way, we move along.

The trail is well-marked and about 4 miles up the wash. The signage directs us straight up the side of a narrow rocky hill. This excursion was my idea so I smiled and headed up the hill with hopes that everyone was right behind me. They were.

From a distance, the caves appear to be black holes in the rocky landscape, so we were never sure we had made it until we stumbled across our first hideaway.

In the meantime, the Badlands south of the trail stole the show in the afternoon sun.

As we got closer we saw more and more dots of people, and slots of light through natural windows, and arches. And as research promised, we could roam around the passageways, peak out those windows and capture first hand these unique gifts of nature.

And while I wanted to just take in the views on foot, there were others who found the perfect viewpoint.

Wind Kisses from the Wind Caves of Anza-Borrego, Donna

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