Welcome to my wild-life.

I love the wide open spaces of the southwest, and Anza-Borrego was no exception. As the largest state park in California, it’s highlights include: off-roading through canyon washes, hiking wind caves, roaming through native palm forests, and art.  

Yes, art. 

Smack in the middle of the desert we started seeing fantastical, metal creatures, and familiar characters we know from living in the west. They were scattered in no particular order.  Some were close to the road, others off in the distance. 

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the Gold Miner had treasures in his pot. Real money from all over the world. Very cool to me.

The creation of Sky Island was a vision that was brought to life by metal sculpter, Ricardo Breceda.   Little did Dennis Avery, the town benefactor, know his passion for free standing art, would not only appeal to Breceda, but also become a sought after attraction for those who visit.   

The Sky Art sculptures are purposeful in that many depict history, and educate us, about the creatures that roamed this valley in Paleolithic times.  

Some we still have today, and many of them are so lifelike, it is eerie  to walk near them.

 There are over 100 larger than life creatures that are scattered over 1500 acres of this undeveloped desert valley.  And while we didn’t see them all, I would have been disappointed to miss the scorpion, and the serpent.   The detail is exquisite, and I wish I took more time to photograph the hair, the fur, the faces, the stitching on clothing, and the tire tread.

Visiting? A map from the Visitor Center will help you find them.

This was our first trip to Anza-Burrego, certainly not our last.

Wind Kisses from my wild-life, Donna

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