The desert is a dry and often inhabitable place.

So they say…

The irony was, on Yavapai Point Trail, over the weekend, all I could think of was how lush and green it was with the recent rain. It was National Spouse’s day and we were celebrating how imperfectly-perfect life can be. Seems silly to think the desert speaks that same language. Imperfectly perfect.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Yavapai Point Trail our way:

Most people think we are peas in a pod. (I have a great smile.) We enjoy, family, travel, and the outdoors. What people don’t often know is we love these adventures, differently,  His preference is bouncing around in the Jeep, mine is on foot. It works for both of us.

We both take in the outdoors differently.  He wants to blaze  through to the summit when we do hike. I am good to notice every new flower bud, critter hole, or cloud along the way. 

We capture the outdoors differently too. He doesn’t want a camera.  He wants to remember it, the experience of it.   I want to find the perfect frame or view for my memory to return to, and I want to talk about every curious thing in my path. 

And we always meet in the middle.  Or sometimes at the top where he, does indeed, want a photo of us before he blazes back down. 

I guess there is no real reason to celebrate this dry and horrible landscape, or this crazy life of two very different people.

Or is there?

This is us.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Shared with: Nancy Merrill Photography and Photos by Jez