It is often called the Grand Canyon of California, and we are told it is the best place to see the sunrise and set in California.

It is hard to believe with all the beautiful places in California, Anza-Borrego makes that list. We go out of curiosity, and because that he in my we is happy to go down another sandy wash.

Font’s Point is a viewpoint in Anza Borrego, looking at the Borrego Badlands. It offers a 360 degree view, but it is the Badlands that capture most everyone’s attention. The shadows are the first thing I notice with the setting sun and I remember thinking how lucky we were to nonchalantly decide to come.

There are brilliant colors in the layers of sedimentary rock, and there are ridgelines of heavily, eroded landscape that seem to be purposely placed. The arroyos dictate the design with occasionally flood waters, and it is phenomenal to think at one time this was a lush savannah.

The desert stretches out around us for miles. Off in the distance we can see what some might think is a mirage in this arid climate. We learned we are that close to the Salton Sea.

So grateful for this beautiful place we all call home.

Wind Kisses, Donna