I love the way getting closer or further from a subject can change the perspective, meaning or sentiment of a photograph. It is one reason why photography is a hobby. You can tinker with it, and adjust it to your liking. The feature photo from a day at SnowBowl, Flagstaff was for fun. To capture the view I wanted, meant… getting close enough to capture his.

Even the most ordinary life is a mystery if you look close. -Ingrid Bengis

Yes, getting close is fun, whether you take time to crop and edit a photo or simply step in. Pine Creek Canyon Lavender Farm was a perfect place to play with both. The first was the view of the property, and while I liked it, the background felt distracting to me.

A cropped version was my preference, and…

A closer look brings us the the sentiment and appreciation of what it takes to have this aromatic lavender field.

The next series is from the patio at Villa San Piero, Tuscany. The patio was a perfect place for contemplation over coffee.

The painting was extra, bringing color and balance to the patio.

The final photo is my granddaughter at the Phoenix Zoo. I think it stands alone. When she walked up to the elephant mural, I realized she was doing what I often do with my camera, getting close.

And this time while I am close enough…she feels there is a better view. Maybe there was.

And life should be this extraordinary for all of us.

Get close.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by: Lens-Artists/Close and Closer