Often, a curve nudges a viewer in a way that says, here…go this way.

Curves are graceful lines, bringing rhythm, energy, and purpose to a photo. I love the first photo for that reason. It is also the inspiration for today’s post. I know…curves can be found anywhere and everywhere.

Did you know they can also come with a message?

Rumor told us of wildflowers trickling in near Horseshoe Lake.  It is my favorite place to view them and since we were thrown a curve ball last week in the Valley of the Fire, it was worth a try.

We have had our share of rain. The real question…was it enough? Honestly, the road to Horseshoe Lake was dusty and dry, but the detours, and hidden curves of the arroyos were invitations to endless clusters.

No matter how tough things may feel, there is always something good waiting around the next curve. – K. Salmonsohn

Sadly the lake, while true to it’s, Horseshoe, namesake, was pretty low. We will continue to pray for more rain, but for now….

When life gives you curves, flaunt them. – unknown

We always allow ourselves more time on the way back, otherwise we will be stopping every thirty seconds and at every flower patch I see. As a compromise, I memorize the landmarks of necessary stops and he doesn’t hesitate. This branch and grass frame one of those exact moments in time.

My curves are where they are meant to be and there is nothing shameful about that.

In life, as in art, the beautiful move in curves. E. Buhweer-Lytton

Our final stop before we head home is to the marina restaurant, at the nearby Bartlett Lake. And again we…go this way,

With reminders that the earth does indeed laugh in flowers,

And life will always throw us curves.

Thank goodness.

Wind Kisses, Donna

Inspired by: Leya at Lens-Artists/Curves, RDP/Cluster