This was one of those months. I don’t need to tell you the details, I am sure you get it. We all have those months, and those days, don’t we?

Dwelling? Not good for any of us, so we move along embracing what is good. As usual, I realize, there is by far, more to be grateful for then to be dwelling on things we can’t control.

My Word of the Year is Matter.

It wasn’t something I picked per se, but a word that picked me. It is often like that. Anything speak to you that way? And I think not only do things matter to me, I can also matter in the lives of others. Confusing thought, but true. Giving my time to charity, tending a garden, inviting someone else on a hike, a thumbs up to my husband to plan our next trip, and taking time for others… all matter.

And remember, good ears make good friends.

Write that down.

The Good Things:

I had more time with my youngest granddaughter. Her dad describes her perfectly. She is a light that moves into the life of everyone she meets. Adventures took us took the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, and the Phoenix Zoo. She spent quite a bit of time with the flamingos, and was unimpressed by the dinosaur exhibit. In fact, everyone was privy to that reaction.

And she has found a new friend in my neighborhood.

Spring has sprung, in our grocery stores.

We finally visited the Kofa Wilderness Area. Located pretty much on the road to nowhere, between Yuma and Quartzite, in Arizona, Kofa offered us seclusion, desert solitude, hiking, wildlife, and the history of a miners past.

I hosted my first official Lens-Artists challenge: Messages. And that matter thing? To think I might inspire others to write and share photos about messages, was secondary to the inspiration and motivation I took away from those who joined me.

We took a day trip to Sedona. Everyone goes for different reasons: vortexes, red rocks, honeymoons, meditation, fresh air, or the sprinkling of powdered sugar on the hillsides.

Me? All of the above.

January and February keep us busy. as they are two of the busiest months in the Phoenix area. It is our high season for tourists, and snowbirds every year. We also house baseball training camps, Barrett Jackson, Phoenix Open Golf, and this year the Super Bowl.

And the sunrise. It is steadfast in it’s welcome every morning.

No doubt in my mind, we both matter, don’t we?

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you Brian and Ju-Lyn for the inspiration.