This week, Tina challenges us with a topic close to my heart: Finding Peace. I love the chance to extend Ann-Christine’s topic from last week: Alone Time. For me there is a direct correlation, but I think it is possible to find peace almost anywhere. Have you found comfort in watching the day go by from the bench of a busy, city street? Have you quieted fear or anxiety with meditation?

I believe we have all met grief or heartache with a good cry.

But there is a place I love to go, that some might consider an unlikely place to find peace. I go there often and can sit for hours allowing impressions to sift through my thoughts.

There isn’t a reason to narrate what comes to mind. I am privy to panorama at it’s finest, and horizons upon horizons. Lately, The One Doing Life With Me, is playing on the radio and is apropos. It is here where I swallow up scenery, and gather a unique perspective of peace. way.

The location might surprise you, but to me it makes perfect sense.

Did you ever think I would admit to finding peace from the passenger seat of our Jeep?

Clearly, I wasn’t the photographer for the photo above, since I was in it. Most of you have seen the photo before. Sorry not sorry. The photo is symbolic. I learned, a day prior, unexpected neck surgery was two days away. In addition to healing, that meant no off-road adventures for at least a year. Finding peace? It had more than one meaning on this particular day, and I am still grateful for the paramount importance of this moment.

To be honest, most of the time, I feel like I am along for the ride.  I guess I am. He put a hand grab above my right shoulder and saves a reachable place in the backseat for my camera, and we go. I don’t  deserve a slice of the credit for the journey, except for my role in putting my finger on the map.  If not for him, I would never drive up a waterfall or through a river.

Peace? No, the drive isn’t peaceful….at all. For me anyway.

But we go until we don’t.

The Jeep gives us this uncanny connection to nature, and an understanding of the way…to peace. We park along canyon edges that have been cut by the wind and water . We land in places I have only seen in pictures. And if you pay attention you will see nature has a way finding peace in what was their chaos too. I love photographing recovering forests.

The wildflowers always comeback first.

We find reasons to explore and satisfy our curiosity. We stumble across secret caves and hideouts with the perfect view. And we decide if it is really a Robbers Roost, or maybe a Shaman’s cave.

Does it matter?

We find remoteness with no explanation necessary.

and we find peace in the most unlikely places.

Be still and the earth will speak to you – Navajo Proverb

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you to Tina, of Travels and Trifles, for hosting this week’s challenge, Finding Peace. Trust yourself, delve into your thoughts, go through your photos, and read her words here to inspire your thoughts. Remember to link to her post and add the Lens-Artists tag so we can find you. 

A special thank you to Ann-Christine of as she reminded us of the importance of Alone Time The interpretations were touching and varied, as we are.    

Next week, we welcome John, of Journeys by Johnbo, as the host. 

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