It is not so quiet hiking in the hillsides of Bavaria, or maybe it is.  The rhythmic jangle of the cowbells are actually kind of soothing.  It brings it’s own ambiance to the lush, and snowcapped scenery.  I did want to sing: “The hills are alive..”,  and  decided the ambiance would be better if I kept it in my head.   (We all have our gifts; singing is NOT one of mine)

I couldn’t smile much larger when we approached a farmhouse inviting us in for warm milk.  Do you remember the story of Heidi?  It was the true story about a little girl who went to live with her grandfather in Switzerland.  I think I just landed there.


Sometimes  the cows end up on the trail. Not to worry, there is a sign reminding us to  close the gate so they do not come wandering with us.  Thank goodness.


And then of course there is Wienerschnitzel.  No, I didn’t name him, but that he in my we took the ambiance right out of my moment when he did.


The gift of time….

Wind Kisses.

The Daily Post:  Jangle