You can find INSPIRATION from others, but DETERMINATION  is solely YOUR responsibility. – Dodinsky 

Guess what? Today is not just another day.

Today is a new day.   Seems silly, I know, but isn’t that a great way to wake up?

We were searching for three things over the weekend: relief from the heat, a hike, and seclusion.  We had driven over Midgley Bridge countless times over the years and recently learned of Huckaby Trail down to Oak Creek. Quite honestly, you could laugh off the one mile round-trip. It can barely be considered a hike.

Go anyway.  Grabbing a window of opportunity  might teach you that often the greatest treasures are in the most unlikely places.  This dragonfly became our trail companion, for as long as we were on the river.    It symbolizes happiness, new beginnings, and change. Change meaning conquering silly illusions that limit our growth.

We decided to trust it. fullsizeoutput_8300

The trail took us under Midgley Bridge onto the canyon floor, where we seemed to morph into the scenery.   We followed the sound of the water to find the creek.   fullsizeoutput_8229

Sure enough, the river oasis we were promised welcomed us, but curiosity got the best of us. We wanted to see the aftermath of the flash floods, we wanted to hunt for wild life, and we wanted to see where the river would take us.    So we wandered on. fullsizeoutput_825a

To my delight, the river crossings stirred up live crawfish, a first for me.  This is also where we found our dragonfly. fullsizeoutput_8297

We found hideaways and a secret, slick-rock beach that could only be found via the river. fullsizeoutput_82f7

And we found the most unique seclusion, a half mile from the bridge.  fullsizeoutput_8304

We are determined to return next time with lunch, grandchildren in tow, and sacks to help Mother Nature harvest the freshly, blooming, blackberries.

Create the life you can’t wait to wake up too.

 What inspires you today?

Wind Kisses, Donna