I love to be outside and my photos reflect exactly that.

And yet today I am Inspired by Ann-Christine in a search for artificial light.

Ouch, this was tricky. While I have always known I enjoy nature photography, I didn’t realize how often my camera must have stayed in it’s case when indoors.

Thank goodness for my archives and a chance to revisit old memories. Hope you will enjoy my skip around the world featuring artificial light.

Being from Arizona, I have to start here. Lights, camera, action.

Next, with Octoberfest on the horizon, bier tents in Munich.

And to Ireland where “There shall be no overspill” at the Guinness Academy.

And a piece of advice…when your birthday falls on National Arthur Guinness Day, don’t tell anyone.

Tuscany brings us a chef cooking in a traditional Italian kitchen.

And the most delicious start.

And finally my heart travels back to Germany where I spent many years as a young girl. I loved, and still love the lights, sounds and the smells of the Christmas markets.

Wind Kisses, Donna