I think silence is a state of being. And, honestly, I am not sure if it is something to be found or if it’s something you let happen. What I do know is that it is a place of contemplation.

I love the smell of silence in the morning.

When we camp, I am almost always the first one up and I don’t mind. Coffee and contemplation is always the best way to start a new day.

Greer, AZ

Listen to the silence, it has so much to say. – Rumi

I love the look on his face when he is in a wow moment. This hike took us to a secluded canyon where Mother Nature subconsciously told us to stop. In these moments there are not words…anyway.

Sedona, AZ

He who does not understand your silence, will probably not understand your words. – Hubbard

I love to be alone. That doesn’t mean I am anti-social. I just love my own company sometimes, and I love quiet. There is time to think, time to be, and time to reconnect with myself. Time alone in a kayak or out in nature also silences the mind.

I don’t expect you to understand…..

Talking comes by nature, silence by wisdom. – Yiddish Proverb

This was the most wonderful day…together. We were just finishing a hike above Zell am See in the Bavarian Alps when we realized we were surrounded by wild blueberry fields. I remember wondering at what point we both knew to just plop down. Nothing needed to be said. What was needed was this moment in time where we could watch the day pass by, and bask in nothing but the silence, of this breathtaking view.

Zell am See, Bavaria

Silence really is golden isn’t it?

Wind Kisses, Donna

Thank you Marsha for todays WQWWC inspiration: Silence