Do you remember a few years ago when I talked about symbols?  To be more specific, your symbol? 

That first year mine was hiking sticks. You can find out why here. The feedback I received was fun, and your symbols were creative and clearly thought out.

What about this year? 

 I was trying to find something that symbolized connections.  It seemed to be my theme, but I didn’t like that the only item I could think of was a chain…link.   

With deeper contemplation,  I decided my symbol this year would be a mirror.  Trust me, it’s not for the reasons you might think, although it is nice to look in the mirror and see my hair has grown back in.  The chia pet look is over-rated.   

In truth, mirrors are our best friends and worst enemies, depending on the day, and it also symbolizes reflection. 

So what is it that looks back at me? 

I reflect upon my childhood as I have revisited the good old days with my parents and siblings.  Cherished memories full of laughter and love stare back at me.  

I reflect upon my husband and me, and our Arizona life, knowing it is exactly where we were meant to land.  We have both lived here longer that anywhere else in the world and we have done it together. The memories we have shared in life are extraordinary, and everyday we live in the reflection of our promises. 

I loved being a mom and the holidays always spark the most wonderful memories. I will forever share stories of their life in mine, and today I bask in the memories they create with their young families.  

The grandkids, simply know they are loved, I see that reflected in their eyes.  

Hmmm….seems to me we all need a mirror that tells us who we are?    Forever grateful for the stories reflected in mine. 

What’s your symbol? 

Wind Kisses, Donna 

Inspired by Ann-Christine of Lens-Artists (One Image/One Story)